Crochet and Chile

I started this blog primarily as a place for my to dump longer ideas about the upcoming trip to Chile. However, the title came from two major aspects of my life, astronomy and crochet. I have other interests as well and they may pop up from time to time, but these are the biggies that also seem to collide the most frequently.

Often, when I need or want something new, I will ask myself “can I make it?” and then if the answer is yes (which is a lot), I ask “can I use left over yarn in my stash or do I need to buy new yarn?” That answer is usually “of course you need new yarn” while looking away sheepishly as I head to the yarn store.

For the trip to Chile, I have made a few things or used it as an impetus to finally make something things I’ve been meaning to make. So, here are some fun crochet projects that I made in preparation for the trip to Chile.

1) Floppy Hat! I made this wide brimmed hat from cotton yarn for the trip to ALMA’s high site. I am not sure if it will actually work out at ALMA (it might not be warm enough), but it is fun and I can certainly use it as a beach or gardening hat in the future. This is a modified version of this pattern here.


2) Passport Holder! When traveling, I like to be organized. For important travel documents and my passport, I decided to make a holder. I used up some old yarn and finally tried out a great owl cable pattern I’ve been wanting to try out for a while. I made the overall pattern up (not the owl, you can find that here) , so the owl ended up a bit lobsided. I also took a hairband and looped it into the main fabric to hold around the big button. To make it a bit stronger and look nicer, I used the button loop stitch around it.  I also finally used this cool big button my father and law gave me.

10659208_10104224787613658_2320117918212507379_n 11537937_10104224787533818_6293490444587902005_n 11402812_10104224787498888_4565152341965059899_n 11059950_10104224787409068_1349083291000099505_n

3) I also finally used Chile as an excuse to make a business card holder. I made it quickly from left over yarn from the floppy hat and tied a hair tie on to keep it closed. It seems to work. I will update with a photo later.

Now…time to figure out a good plane project.

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